Arabic for Kids

Arabic for Kids

Our online Arabic classes for kids are especially created to give your kids the abilities they need to grasp the Arabic language. We provide a range of engaging subjects so that your child can learn Arabic effectively and with fun. Our online Arabic classes for kids are meticulously designed to be highly effective in teaching your child to read, speak, and write Arabic with accuracy and competence. As such, no prior knowledge is necessary for this course. Whether or not your child has any prior exposure to Arabic, they can seamlessly enroll in and benefit from this course. Amazing organization of the course. Each lecture is followed with exercises where you practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Very worth it and looking forward to finally be able to speak in Arabic!
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Your child will be able to understand Arabic with no need for translation into English or other native languages. Your child will be proficient in writing Arabic without any mistakes. Your child will be able to read the Arabic texts and understand them, allowing them to speak easily. Your child will study Arabic to accurately comprehend the meanings of the Quran. Your kids will memorize the Quran more quickly and effectively. Your child will be able to read Quranic Arabic fluently because he will not face any language barriers. Your child will be able to understand and appreciate Arabic culture. Your child will learn general speaking topics.


Highly personalized Arabic online course curriculum for children. You can easily access your classes and teachers from anywhere! High-Tech Materials to Encourage Children to Learn Arabic! Weekly Reports detailing your children's performance. One-on-one session to personalized Arabic E-learning. Flexible Schedule 24/7 with High Quality & Low Fees. Male and female Arabic teachers are available.


Arabic classes for kids is a professional, creative, and child-centred course with age-appropriate activities and methods that focus on strengths and help learn Arabic through an effective curriculum that is tailored to your child’s specific needs in order for him or her to grasp the Arabic language. Our method of teaching Arabic to children is incredibly fun and interesting because we firmly believe that when learning is engaging and fun, kids are more likely to pay attention. Your child will be speaking and understanding Arabic in no time by using the Arabiya Bayna Awladinah (Arabic Between Our Children's Hands) curriculum, which gives them the opportunity to practice what they learn and review their books online.

Follow a Structured Program to Achieve Your Goals

Units include: speaking about yourself and introducing yourself in male and female form, Arabic numbers & counting in Arabic.
Units include: Greetings, competitions, more introduction skills, family, descriptive words, and learning the weekdays in Arabic.
Units and lessons include: Colors, things in the home, possessions, animals, conversing about how to get information, and conversation skills around 'where you are from'.
Units and lessons include learning about: things in the city, weather and rain, shopping, speaking about their age, in the classroom, weight, and speaking in Arabic about Umrah.
Units and lessons include learning about: drinking and various beverages, illnesses, being absent, clothing, describing 'what you want', all about food and eating, and having conversations about where things/people/places are.
Lessons and units include learning about buildings, friends, cleanliness, describing your house, four directions, illness, school, and Ramadan.
In level 7, the child will learn about the zoo and the animals, computers, sports, four seasons, weather, students and studying, and going on vacation.
Level 8 includes vocabulary about the weekend, going on a trip, a beautiful house, the phone, Eid in Islam, success, study schedule, and being on the farm.
In level 9 of Arabic for Kids full track, students will learn more vocabulary about shopping, transportation, the library, furniture, electricity, in the school, uniforms and pets.


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