Ahkam Tajweed for Adults

Ahkam Tajweed for Adults

This Tajweed course will teach you how to master tajweed rules and recite the Quran in the manner described by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You will learn Tajweed from both theoretical and practical perspectives in order to achieve an excellent level of Tajweed reading in the Quran. Our expert tutors will teach you Tajweed's linguistic and phonetic rules, as well as how to apply them to your Quran recitation, through Tajweed classes. At first I would like to thank you very much about the great and easy technique of teaching and illustrating Ahkam Eltajweed . Thank you and Bark Allah fek.
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Recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed and proper pronunciation. You will be taught all of the tajweed rules and how to apply them while reciting the Quran. You will gain confidence in reciting the Quran aloud and in public. You will be able to read any surah of the Quran without any assistance. Immerse yourself in the meaning of verses. You will gain confidence when reciting new surahs from the Quran. You'll enjoy reading the Quran in Arabic. Understand the various Tajweed rules.


Highly personalized Islamic online course curriculum for adults. You can easily access your classes and teachers from anywhere! High-Tech Materials to Encourage Children to Learn Islamic. Children's Quran tutors are well-prepared to teach both Arab and non-Arab children. Courses on the Quran with an Islamic Studies Section Weekly Reports detailing your children's performance. One-To-One Classes. Flexible Schedule 24/7 with High Quality & Low Fees. Male and female teachers are available.


This course is essential for learning to read the Quran correctly. If you want to improve your Quran recitation, our online Tajweed course is designed to assist you in improving your pronunciation and recitation of the Holy Quran. Learning Tajweed is an essential step in mastering the Quran. With online Quran Tajweed lessons, you will learn the rules of Tajweed, correctly pronounce each letter and syllable in the Quran, and develop a love for reciting the Quran. So, if you're wondering how to learn Tajweed Quran professionally, we've got you covered.

Follow a Structured Program to Achieve Your Goals

Introduction to Tajweed and Reciting the Quran Levels of Recitation
Articulation Points Noon and Meem Shaddah Noon Saakinah and Tanween
Meem Saakinah Rules Laam Saakinah Rules
Madd: The Natural Lengthening The Secondary Madd The Compulsory Madd More Types and Cases of Madd
The Characteristics of the Letters Tafheem and Tarqeeq The Relation Between Letters
Hamzatul Wasl and Qat Ahkam Al-Waqf and Al-Ibtida Stopping on the End Words
Female "Haa" Al-Maqtoo3 Wa Al-Mawsool The Special Words of ?af? by the way Ash-Shatibiyya


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